Tuesday, September 2, 2008



Four new variants - 1000HD XP, 904HD XP, 901 XP and 900 XP construct their way in Taiwanese marketplace. ASUS has revealed additional updates to its EEE PC arrangement and we've got no less than 4 new variants to account about. Launched for the Taiwanese bazaar only (for now), each of the 4 new variants come pre-loaded with Windows XP.

Here's a quick look at all the models:

EEE PC 1000HD XP - 10"; 80GB HDD; Intel Mobile; $542 approx.
EEE PC 904HG XP - 9"; 80GB HDD; Intel Mobile; $479 approx.
EEE PC 901 XP - 9"; 12GB SSD; 1.6GHz Atom; $542 approx.
EEE PC 900 XP - 9"; 16GB SSD; Intel Mobile; $447 approx.

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