Thursday, July 24, 2008


The new Bentley laptop attempts to class up the notebook computer business with rich leather and hand-sewn cross stitching that comes directly from the storied brand’s seats.
Bentley and Ego Lifestyle have now come up with a range of the most exotic look laptops that are certainly assured to bowl over any true car lover worth his collection of racing memorabilia. Encased in rich leather that is hand-sewn cross stitching inspired by Bentley’s fabled seats, the notebook even features a Bentley door handle that has been converted for computer carrying duty. The color schemes of the notebooks match those of the famous luxury cars with the inside metal reflecting the paint job on the outside.
Under the bonnet you’ve got Microsoft Vista, a 64 bit processor, and a 160GB hard drive. There are also 12 direct access keys for quickly getting to the point.

Expect to see it on sale later this summer at Selfridges for about £10,000. Ouch.

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these r great lapiies

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