Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Canon's New Pixma Multifunction Printers

MP980_04.jpgI always look at new printer releases as the wholemeal bread in my daily gadget sandwich - sure it probably does my body (and Giz) good to add that healthy mix of natural printer fibre to the daily gadget diet, but really, it's boring - there's very little flavour.

But for whatever reason (probably the fact that I currently need a new printer), but the new Pixma MP980 looks pretty appealing to me. They've shrunk it down from the previous model, there's wireless built in, plus it scans and prints photos from negatives. And while all of those features have been around for what seems like aeons, the new environmentally friendly packaging, compact body and 2-way paper feeding have me begrudgingly reaching for my wallet.

But before I do, I'll be testing this sucker out to tell you whether it's worth the money when it launches in October.

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