Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One of the design entries from the 2007-2008 NextGen PC Design Competition we wrote about on is very similar with the idea that stays at the base of another laptop concept that you love, called Vaio Zoom Holographic from Eno Setiawan. You can see some pictures in the Top 10 Coolest Laptop Concepts article.

The Eternal Life/Flex Life Laptop, as Cristina Chigusa Matsushita and João Diego Schimansky liked to call it, sports a glass monitor with transparent properties when the laptop is idle or turned Off, which comes to live at a touch of your finger.
Eternal Life/Flex Life Laptop has wireless module, touch-sensitive technology for both the screen and keyboard, and you’d be able to assign different functions to the keys, as well as change languages or eliminate some characters.

On the screen you’d see holographic images looking like real 3D objects, which would be helpful for creative professionals who work with graphic design software. There won’t be any computer mouse, as the laptop features motion sensor to detect the movement of your hand. Like this you’d control your own computer by waving your finger in the air.
For the restructurability process the designers thought in using recyclable materials and a green battery to improve energy efficiency.

The slip notebook would measure 250 x 370 mm, providing hardware capable of fingerprint reading, as well as wireless connectivity with all the other electronic gadgets in your home.
You’d be able to match it with any room decor because of its neutral color and shape.

I personally see it as a stylish portable computing solution that even if it looks fragile, might be constructed from the most durable materials existent in the industry today. It would fit very well style-conscious people, those that stay up to date with the latest innovations in technology, as well as persons who prefer to have an easy-to-use lightweight computer.
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