Thursday, August 14, 2008

6 battery charger

In order to solve the problem of laptop computers used by students in classrooms, that provide 3 hours of battery life on average, Oncore Power Systems came up with a device capable to recharge 6 batteries simultaneously via the 6 bays.
This way, an entire classroom will be powered up cost effectively.

Oncore 6-Bay Charger is designed especially for Apple laptop computers, MacBooks and iBooks, and comes with 6 rechargeable batteries, the device measuring 11 x 7 inches.
The charger is small and sleek, coming in white to match the Apple laptops’ look, while it takes almost 8 hours to power the batteries.

"Budget cuts are keeping schools from upgrading equipment, and many classrooms are using older notebooks. Students at our local schools have complained of batteries that last only 10-15 minutes before needing to be changed. This is a distraction for the students and the teachers. What schools need is a low cost power upgrade solution tailored for their specific needs. The right charger, combined with six new high capacity Oncore batteries, can maximize students' run time and improve a school's performance on older notebooks at a fraction of the cost of buying a new machine today," said Mark Rapparport, president of Oncore Power Systems and design leader.

This device is simple to use as it doesn’t offer additional functionalities besides the battery charging, and it detects the inserted batteries automatically, but after evaluating its state of health, as a safety measure. It has 2 charging bays, each for 3 batteries, which charge one battery at a time, starting with the first one inserted. There is one LED light for each bay indicating the power status.
Compatible Apple laptop models are: 12-inch iBook, 14-inch iBook and MacBook.

Available at authorized resellers at a price of $395 each, the Apple laptop computer battery chargers are the latest products released by Oncore Power, a US provider of high performance replacement power products for laptops and electronic devices.

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