Saturday, August 16, 2008


Key points mentioned in the video:

  • Photo Browser: Basic drag-and-drop movements as well as the two-finger resizing of photos that users come to expect from multitouch.
  • Video Browser: Videos can be manipulated exactly the same way as photos, both when stopped or while playing.
  • Object Auto-Rotation: Pushing an image with a finger not centered on the image will cause it to rotate while it slides away.
  • Circular Menu: The menu for the Sphere's software, accessible by holding down both hands on top of the Sphere for a second. In this video, the menu contains the following options: RoundTable, Videos, Photos, Painting, Pong, Globe, and Navigation.
  • Send-to-Dark-Side: Placing a hand facedown on an object will send it over to the opposite side of the Sphere.
  • Live omni-directional camera: The Sphere can provide an outward view outside of itself, which includes its surroundings and the user.

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