Sunday, August 10, 2008


Optical Wheel Mouse

<-234x60 Half Banner - left->Genius has released a new notebook mouse with laser technology and a new type of scroll wheel.
Called Genius Navigator 525, the laptop accessory uses the OptoWheel optical sensor which improves scrolling making it faster and more precise.

Known as the first ergonomic mouse with OptoWheel scrolling, the model is replacing the traditional wheel and is designed for best ergonomics for both left handed and right handed people.
It has 1600 dpi sensor that can be reduced at 800 dpi and 3 special keys, while the optical sensor is in the area of the blue light on top of the mouse, featuring vertical and horizontal finger movement detection.

Optical Wheel Mouse

If you press on the sensor harder you are automatically enabling the TurboScroll for faster browsing in both directions, similar with standard scroll wheels, but you can also use it for gaming.
The 3 keys are for quick access to Smart IE Search, 3D Task Manager Flip3D, and zooming.

Genius Navigator 525 is available at a price of 29.99 EUR.

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