Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Nicholas Negroponte has a problem . He has an amazing product at a blockbuster price - a high- powered, full-featured laptop for $188. The trouble is, he needs a huge global market to make it an amazing success.

For that you have to know first what is included in that laptop . Really you will be suprised because The OLPC program is among the most impressive I have ever seen.

The laptop, a nearly unbreakable one, is an educational tool. It doesn't need electricity from a wall and can be recharged via solar power, a crank, a pull cord or a pedal and the battery last 23 hours. It won't break.

It will connect to any other laptop nearby for an ad-hoc network to the Internet making any laptop in the area its own wireless router for all of the others. If stolen from a child it is deactivated and won't work.

The 7.5-inch screen is bright in direct sunlight.And it has a brighter display than any Dell, Apple or HP !! It won't need tech support and doesn't run Windows. It has only two internal cables and no hard drive. In short, it's a handheld technological miracle !!

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