Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was telling you yesterday about a winning laptop accessory from Innovative Office Products, which received a honorable mention at the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2008. It is a stand for laptop computers, with the highest adjustability level from all models we encountered on the market, and you can use it in any position, with the possibility to carry it with you wherever you go in your bag.

The laptop arm i want to show you now comes from the same US manufacturer and its main characteristic is that you can suspend it over the desk at any height you feel its most comfortable. EVO is designed to be easy to attach on the desk and remove from it when needed, while using a multi-use bracket matching both laptop computers and tablet PCs. It provides a high flexibility level as well as the possibility to adjust it in space in the right position, allowing free access to jacks and ports.

You can extend the aluminum-casted arm up to 18 inches and +/-5 inches vertical from horizontal, and use the integrated cable management to free space on your desk, arranging the wires in a smarter way.
The floating laptop arm features mount clamps for the desk or grommet, and you could benefit from using it especially in cases when you need to find an ergonomic position in the most complicated office space, and even in situations when you are not allowed to get up from bed having to continue your work on the laptop.

It is available in 2 versions weighting 1-6.6 lbs and 4.6-11.6 lbs, at a price of $299, and can be used together with a wireless keyboard and mouse, as a docking station.
Like the previous model described EVO has won several important awards such as the Merit Award in Interior Design's Best Of Year 2007, Silver at Best of Neocon 2007, and 2007 Editors' Choice Top Product Pick by Buildings Magazine.

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