Sunday, August 10, 2008

Docu Pen RC800

DocuPen RC800 is a high-end wireless color scanner in the shape of a pen, introduced by Planon, a Canadian expert in hardware and software scanning solutions.
It is the world’s smallest full page, full color 24 bit portable scanner capable of storing hundreds of pages in its 8MB internal flash memory offering the options to scan in black and white, standard color and high 24bit color, all in high definition resolution of up to 400 dpi.

The wireless pen scanner does its job in a few seconds as you can see in the presentation video above, and you can expand its storage capacity via microSD memory cards of up to 1024MB.
DocuPen RC800 measures 200 x 20 x 20 mm at 57 grams and is the most advanced portable pen scanner compared to the other models existent on the market that can only scan single text lines or need a computer connectivity.

DocuPen RC800 is optimized for full-page scanning including graphics and you can use it together with the Paperport software to manage files.
It works based on optical registration technology with optical timing and scans 205 mm width in 4-8 seconds per page.
A Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides it power via USB and the system requirements include Windows operating sytem, 32MB of RAM, and 60MB HDD space.

The Dual Roller Guiding System is in charge with creating smoother scanning operation and improved accuracy, based on strategically placed rollers around the scanner lens which distributes the operator’s pressure evenly for both smooth and easy scanning.
DocuPen RC800 comes with a zippered leather case at a price of $300.

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