Monday, August 11, 2008

Ergo 725 Laser Mouse

The new laser mouse for laptop computers from Genius has an ergonomic shape and works wirelessly at a high resolution of 1200 dpi. It is available also wired and the model is named Genius Ergo 325, working at a bit lower tracking resolution.
Taking a look at the wireless laptop mouse version, we find out that it features power saving technology and a power switch to be used wisely and save up to 6 months of battery life when not needed.

One cool capability is the mouse’ support for Flip 3D tool in Windows Vista operating system, which displays three-dimensional viewing of all the open windows on desktop, including Internet web pages and programs, with the possibility to zoom in and out.
According to Genius, this mouse provides real comfort when used, increasing work efficiency and reducing wrist tension after long time operation.
Those who don’t plan to get the wired Ergo 325 Laser mouse coming in Ruby red and Popular silver can go for the Ergo 725 Laser mouse, available in black and silver color combination.

It uses one of your USB ports for connectivity via the mini receiver, and has 5 buttons including the scroll wheel which is the middle button, left, and right. It powers from 1 AA battery.
Anyone who has the Windows operating system up to Vista and XP installed on the computer can use it, and Mac OS X is also supported. In addition, the mouse comes with installation software and the user guide.

Genius Ergo 725 Laser wireless laptop mouse seems a good solution for mobile computing in part thanks to the latest surface tracking technology that always wins in the battle of the laser mouse versus optical mouse.

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