Thursday, July 31, 2008

WD Elite Portable 320GB Hard Drive

There are quite a large number of Portable Hard Drives available in the market. But most of them does not have a cool outer look that is must for an external drive.

We got an exception here.

Western Digital My Passport Elite 320GB is sleek and compact portable portable hard drive that easily catches many eyes. A luxurious soft-touch finish makes these drives easy to grip, comfortable to hold, and beautiful to show off to your friends. Combine that with mega-capacity that fits in your pocket, plus four powerful features — capacity gauge, automatic backup, sync and encryption, and remote access software — and you’ll understand why we call these little drives Elite.

WD doesn’t provide a software CD with this drive; the software is provided on the drive itself. Therefore, you need to back it up before you start using the drive; however, if something goes wrong, you can still download it from the WD site.

The complete package includes Western Digital My Passport WDML3200, USB cable and a quick start guide. It only needs a USB for power. It weighs only 0.18 kg and has a Serial Bus Transfer Rate of 480Mbits/sec.

Price ranges between $150.00-$199.00 (around 6000 INR)

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