Saturday, August 2, 2008

Samsung's new flash based PCs

Samsung is all se to rewrite history with the launch of the world's first flash based PCs. Samsung flash PCs use NAND flas instead of traditional hard disks. Samsung has announced a PC and a laptop which uses the flash memories.

The Q1-SSD is an Ultra Mobile PC which comes with a 32-GB flash based solid state disks (SSD). The Q30-SSD is a 12.2-inch laptop which comes in the same configurations. Since they have no moving parts, the performance offered by SSDs are something which the hard drives cannot dream about.

The SSD can read 300 percent more quickly than a normal drive at 53 MB/s. It can write 150 percent faster at 28MB/s. Samsung had recently launched a hybrid hard drive with flash on it. The SSD also weighs a bit lower than the normal hard drive and it can also boot Windows XP at 25 to 50 percent faster than traditional hard drives. Since they do not spin, there is no sound also.

The only thing that goes in favor of normal hard drives is their price. Q1-SSD costs about $2430 and Q30-SSD costs about $ 3700. Though the analysts are excited about the technological advances they offer, they are not too happy about the price and the lighter capacity. Since a major percent of the total drives that are sold today are of high capacity, it can go against the SSDs.

Other PC manufacturers are also anxiously looking at this new piece of tech. Meanwhile Sony has already announced that it will include an SSD in its new UX50 portable PC. The Samsung PCs will be available in korea by June.

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