Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sony Vaio VGN UX50 microPC

Well, Sony wants to call it a micro PC. We don't care what they call it, but we want one.

Initially, when the first pictures of the Vaio VGN UX50 popped up, many thought these were fakes - Photoshop creations. It was revealed only 2 days back tthat the VGN UX50 was indeed official - and that Sony preferred ot call it the Micro PC. Probably the name, we think, is justified. Lets explain.

The Sony Vaio UX 50 weighs 520 grams. That's good. You have a Centrino 1.06 Ghz processor inside. Decent. It runs - not some little Origami or whatever - but Windows XP. Even better.

The screen is a 4.5 inch one, and you get a resolution of 1024 X 600. So you get real good resolution there, and plus, there is a quick zoom which can help you enlarge the screen quickly for a better reading experience. UMPCs are usually at 800 X 600s, but they have a 7 inch screen. So this one is smaller in size than your average UMPC too.

And it has a frame made of carbon fibre! That, plus the extremely good looks isa killer, we say. We would like to have one delivered to us, right now, hear us, Sony?

The Sony Vaio VGN UX50 MicroPC boasts a startup time of 5 seconds! That is real fast for anything running Windows XP. Thought I suspect that once you download and install a few programs of your owna nd the startup folder gets a little packed, we are going to see real slow startup times. That's what happens with all Windows XP PCs, and I dont think the Vaio VGN UX50 is going to be any exception.

If you are in a country where you have GPS driving directions and navigators available, there is a Bluetooth GPS unit which will turn it into a driving companion. Neat.

What I don't like much is the price. At $ 1800, the VGN UX50 is a little on the expensive side. Now, that is the kind of money I would spend if I really like the looks of somethng, and it really does all that it promises to do. So far, reviews of the VGN UX50 seem to indicate that it really is good - the only two complaints seem to be the thickness, as well as the keys which don't seem to move much and thus reduce any tactile feedback.

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Eric said...

Can you upgrade ux50 to win 7?

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