Saturday, August 2, 2008

Microsoft Ultimate keyboard pictures

Microsoft has released the ultimate in keyboards with its all new Microsoft Ultimate Keyboard. Experts say that this is the most exciting keyboard after the release of Optimus Organic LED keyboard.

The Microsoft Ultimate keyboard is wireless and has rechargeable functionality. The Ultimate keyboard is backlit and has a swanky look to it. the Microsoft Ultimate keyboard comes with a matted black finish and is a pleasure to watch. The Ultimate keyboard also features a sleek design with authentic metal accents.

The most attractive thing about the Ultimate is that it offers an easy way for the user to charge both the keyboard and the mouse at one go. the Microsoft Ultimate keyboard also has ambient backlighting which can be adjusted to the room's lighting conditions. The keyboard has a proximity sensing functionality which turns the lights on, when a user approaches.

The wireless keyboard also features Bluetooth connectivity and can be used from a 30 foot range. So distance will not come in between with the all new Microsoft Ultimate keyboard. the price of the Ulitmate keyboard is not known at the moment.

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