Saturday, August 2, 2008

Microsoft releases Wireless Desktop for Mac and mouse

Wilress Desktop for Mac keyboard and mouse are compatible with Powerpc and Intel Macs.

Microsoft is planning to release its first keyboard - Wireless Desktop for Mac (WDM) - and mouse for Macs. The price is estimated to be $99.95. The products are expected to be released by this summer. The WDM (Wireless Desktop for Mac) will be the first product from Microsoft specially for Macs and the first keyboard which will not have the Windows Start button. The keyboard layout will be such that it will be compatile both with Apple's Power-PC based and Intel based Macs. Analysts see this move from Microsoft as a part of extending their businesses. Says Matt Surgent of Current Analysis, "That segment of the Mac market tends to be very lucrative. Mac users spend more than Windows PC users on these kind of peripherals." This latest mouse from Microsoft will feature its Intelligent Tracking System which is specifically designed to track smoothly without interruptions or skipping over variety of surfaces. The mouse will also have a Tilt Wheel for better navigation when it is on use among documents and spreadsheets. Another feature of this Wireless Desktop for Mac keyboard is the "My favourite keys" feature, a set of ive keys that can be configured for launching favourite photos, folders, files and Web pages. It also includes an Eject key for the ejection of CDs and DVDs. The Wireless Desktop for Mac keyboard also features Hot Keys for immediate access to e--mail, chat, music, photos and the Web. The keyboard is a stylish Comfort Curve keyboard and the mouse is a wireless High Definition mouse. A futuristic silver finish is also provided to give it a Mac compatible look. Using the zoom slider feature, users can zoom in to a particular spot and get a better look. The Wireless Desktop for Mac keyboard will feature Hot Keys to have access to Mac programs such as iTunes and iPhoto

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