Saturday, August 2, 2008

DiamondTouch tabletop PC from Mitsubishi

Multiuser touchscreen tabletop computer interface from Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi has unveiled a hi-tech tabletop which enables group collaboration and gives you the freedom to make your moves by gesture control. Named the DiamondTouch, it features multi-user, touch and gesture activated screen for communicating among a small group of people.

The DiamondTouch is a screen on the top of a table. There is an electric discharge flowing through the chairs and so the users can use their fingers to make and manipulate projected virtual objects. The equipment will understand whose fingers do what and depending on that, it takes apropriate action.

Mitsubishi believes that the DiamondTouch will be a good tool for games, for governments and education, and in every field where people wants to communicate regularly, says Masakazu Furuichi, chief engineer, Mitsubishi.

Though the price of this tabletop is a bit high- almost $10,000, considering the possibilities that it can be used for, its not that high." It's a futuristic way to use a computer without a keyboard or a mouse. It's simple to use for everybody, including older people and others who aren't very used to handling computers."

The DiamondToucc includes a 42-inch panel and it is housed in a 47-inch tabletop. The DiamondTouch also includes antennas and touch sensors, and all these things are embedded into the tabletop. The users can maintain eyecontact while interacting with the display. A unique electric current passes through each of the person sitting near the table and the system identifies each current passing through each person.The signals are then connected to a computer which in turn shows the table in diferent colours.

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