Friday, August 1, 2008

Security tips -> A warning from Microsoft KB925568 about Hackers

Recently Microsoft announced a warning about hackers in the name of KB925568. Accessing the files from others computer with out their knowledge are called as Hackers. They will enter into our files through Internet Explorer or OS of Microsoft. After that Microsoft find a decision for this.

Recently KB925568 warning declared that the vector graphics is used to designing the graphical website. By using this weaker position of graphics hackers entered into it. Creating a new website for attracting the computer users. When the users enters these sites, hackers easily enter into users computer through graphical pictures when opened, and install spy ware and mal ware. With these they can harm the system. Microsoft has already warned about this issue, but it has not given any solution for the problem. If you ask whether we have to worry about it or not, I would answer both yes and no, because this mode is used by sexual and porn sites only. Till you don’t visit them you can avoid it. But the hackers will certainly try to use normal websites too. We have to be careful. For that you can follow the ways given.

1.Don’t see the e-mails in html page view it as text, because html page contain attractive direct links to websites. It initiates us to view it.

2. Install anti virus in our computer. We also make continuous updates on it.

3. Also install Personal Firewalls in your computer. There are more firewalls available on it at free of cost.

4. Also update the batch files like windows update which Microsoft gives.

5. Don’t open unknown emails. Delete it from your trash box also.

6. Don’t open the emails and links which is comes form unexpected address

7. Visit only the trustable and already visited websites.

Now days these kind of attacks are done again some circle of people and companies. So Microsoft didn’t release batch files for it. Next security update batch file will be released on October 10.

Such type of attacks increases means Microsoft will produce batch files for it. Shall I give a small note on KB925568? Whatever it happen don’t confused go to Microsoft website and clear your doubts.

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