Tuesday, August 5, 2008



The design of the DRS ARMOR laptop is very boxy and dated, with no thought process involved in it trying to make it have soft rounded edges. The laptop is almost twice as thick as a customary 12" notebook, has rubber tabs poking out at every angle from the edges, and carries along its own in built carrying handle. Every part of the laptop that could hit against an object if dropped is padded all over with rubber strips, and all essential components have thick metal panels guarding the body from sharp load impacts.

At the 1st glance many people might question where the ports are situated, but when you take a close sneak peek you realize that every external port has its own cap for waterproof. This maintains dirt and moisture out when not in use, and also guards the fragile connectors in the incident something might hit that area of the laptop. The only downside we scoped with these caps is some don't fit all that tight in place and gives a feel as if they could just pop out if they are snagged on a jagged surface. With all these features built in, this seems to be an effort to make the notebook some how qualify the rugged notebooks character. Overall it’s just a decent effort.

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