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The invention of computers has changed the world forever. They have changed the way we work, shop and even manage household chores. But that wasn’t enough for they had to make way for portable notebooks or laptops. These laptops began to be used in all walks of life. And with the continuous advances in technology, these laptops have become faster, lighter and better performing. But you can be assured that these enhancements will never take a back seat. This fact is further strengthened by the introduction of the Next Generation Laptops which not only possess the conventional features but loads of enhancements which make them much more useful devices. These laptops run on a more advanced technology and have many new features.

A Next Generation Laptop

The most important factor that sets these next generation laptops apart from the conventional ones is their processor. Almost all these laptops are built around a Quad Core processor which is much faster than its predecessors. It has the ability to perform more number of operations in the same time. Also the cache memory and virtual memory are much larger in size to ensure a very fast operation. They are extremely light in weight so as to improve its portability. These laptops also feature an integrated web cam with high resolution along with Bluetooth technology. The users can transfer files to a remote computer or device enabled with the Bluetooth technology in an instant. They also have Wifi technology that enables their users to access the World Wide Web wherever there are hot spots for wireless networks. However, some of these features are also available on the conventional laptops. Then what is really special about these ‘Next Generation Laptops’?

The next generation laptops use very advanced technology which allows the users to switch from one language to another or even the layout of the keyboard according to the language chosen. They also feature several precision controlling parameters like key pressure and speed. Moreover, the display settings can be changed quickly to gaming mode and enabling virtual joysticks. There are other applications like music composers and video editors as well.

Some companies manufacturing next generation laptops use Flash Memory rather than Hard Disk Drive. Flash memories can store more data and allow the users to switch on their laptops instantly. Although the cost of these flash memories is undoubtedly high at the moment owing to the high tech technology, their prices are most likely to come down over the next few months. They allow the laptops to pick up extra high speeds while performing operations.

A Dell Next Generation Dual LCD Laptop

These laptops also feature a very interesting and useful technology called Blu ray disc. The Blu ray technology is an advanced optical disc format which is specially designed to store a large amount of data. It also allows the users to rewrite, record and playback very high definition videos. It offers capacity more than five times (up to 50GB) than that of a dual layer DVD. It also supports the playback of high definition feature films as well. The Blu ray disc technology has received global support and is very likely to become the standard optical drive for the future. Although some laptops have already started to incorporate the Blu ray optical technology in their laptops, others are yet to do so because of the high cost of this drive. These high performance drives are set to become a significant part of the entertainment industry. Apart for being used for entertainment purposes, these drives are also being used for storing excess data which would otherwise require additional hard disc drive. The Blu ray discs have the same physical size as that of a CD or a conventional DVD but store data which is much more in size. To emphasize the scope of the Blu ray technology, a staggering 170 companies have supported this format for a variety of purposes like computer games, music, movies and consumer electronics. Out of the eight major Hollywood studios, seven have already started supporting the Blu ray technology for their movies and more than 100 movies have already been released in this format. The next generation laptops featuring this technology cost more than $3000. Laptop manufacturers who have supported this technology are Dell, Toshiba and Sony.

There is another technology which has not been released as yet but is expected soon and allows the users to switch from one operating system to another in order to play movies, view email or surf the internet. This feature is known as HyberSpace and is manufactured by Phoenix Technologies which is a leading software manufacturer controlling most of the Windows features. This technology will allow the users to boot the system in a few seconds, skipping the normal Windows startup which takes a lot of time. It will also allow the users to put the Windows into sleep mode and save battery time. Laptops featuring HyperSpace will have a separate button which will allow the users to switch away from Windows instantly. This technology is still in the developing stage and it is likely that applications like Web Browsers, Web conferencing applications like Skype and email programs will be built into HyperSpace. Along with this, system applications like anti virus scanning can be performed even when not using Windows. This technology provides vast flexibility to its users and will be based on Linux which is a freely distributed Operating System.

The next generation laptops will also feature a new USB design which will allow almost instant file transfers. USB has become the standard for connecting devices. The new USB technology is called the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. While a standard high speed USB 2.0 device takes almost 14 minutes to download a high definition 27 GB movie, the new USB 3.0 takes only 70 seconds.

The Ultra Fast USB 3.0

With all kinds of technology being developed and incorporated into a single laptop, the conventional laptops used widely today will soon become useless. One can only wonder if this technology can be bettered in the future.

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