Saturday, August 9, 2008



Microsoft Corp. will let loose Windows Vista Service Pack 1 next week to a wider addressees, according to information posted and testimony from a Web site that correctly forecasted SP1's ship date last month.

It is predicted that Vista SP1 retail copies as becoming available on Wednesday, March 19, while a Malaysian Web site that nailed the update's release-to-manufacturing (RTM) date several days early, said users would be able to download SP1 starting Tuesday, March 18.

Vista SP1 shipped to duplication and resellers Feb. 4, but since then, it has only been obtainable to previous beta testers, volume-licensing customers and subscribers to IT subscription services. In fact, subscribers to TechNet and the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) got access to SP1 only after raising a ruck us, with some intimidating to cancel their subscriptions and others saying they would postpone Vista deployment.

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