Sunday, August 3, 2008



The all fresh Western Digital My Book Mirror version offers more than just vast storage capacities. The Mirror version provides you the security of RAID 1 or the enormous storage of RAID 0 with a mere click of your mouse. Keep reading and you may realize your next "ought to have" computer accomplice. In stipulations of the essential peripheral shape and dimensions the My Book Mirror version is almost indistinguishable to the older My Book variants ... just a bit wider so it can house 2 drives.

• tallness: 6.54 in (166 mm)
• deepness: 6.06 in (154 mm)
• breadth: 3.87 in (98 mm)
• mass: 5.2 lb (2.63 kg)

While the dimension and form are sensibly compressed, it's clear that the My Book Mirror version is intended to be a "desktop" storage space answer that doesn't journey everywhere with you when compared to the likes of the My Passport variants of external laptop drives. You're preordained to leave this brick on your counter at home or the office and only utilize the gigantic storage when you require it. One transform I noticed with the My Book Mirror Edition is that the aged blue LED circle on the frontage of the old My Book drives has been redesigned with a blue LED upright line that "pulses" up and down when the drive is on the go.

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