Monday, August 4, 2008



A notebook monitor is a flat screen labeled a liquid crystal display and these monitors are especially vulnerable to scores so they require some additional care and attention.

Caution: NEVER touch laptop screen as this can blaze out pixels.

Dry Dusting: If your display is not too unclean you can just use a bare cotton cloth. Very gently wipe the display in the same direction starting from the top and on your way down. The cleansing cloth must be malleable and preferably cotton.

Profound Cleaning: If your monitor is really filthy then you can use a cleansing solution for a deep cleaning. Never use any merchandises that include ethyl alcohol, ammonia, acetone, toluene, ethyl acid, or methyl chloride based cleaners these will make your screen getting yellow.

Self-made Cleansing Solution:

• Isopropyl Alcohol + Distilled Water
• Mix equivalent parts distilled water along with isopropyl alcohol

Use a soft cloth, cotton preferably or any special electrostatic cloths used to cleanse eyeglasses or industrial goggles.

Take a very small quantity of the solution onto the cloth and very gently wipe the screen in uni-direction from the top of the screen to the bottom.

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