Saturday, August 9, 2008


It may lastly be preparatory to move down the accessibility ladder with computer producers (net books and the like out-of-the-way), but it seems like Microsoft is going to be footing by Windows XP for a good while yet, with it now promising to prop up the tried and true operating system through 2014. With relation to Microsoft higher-ranking VP Bill Veghte, that shore up will consist of security patches and "additional critical updates," and he adds that "customers who still require Windows XP will be proficient to get it," regardless of the plans to discontinue selling a retail product and bring to an end licensing it unswervingly to PC producers after June 30th. For those observing track, that'll indicate that Microsoft will be sustaining Windows XP for a full 13 years since its let go presumptuous it doesn't push out that shore up window for a second time when users repudiate to promote to Windows 7.

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