Thursday, August 7, 2008

Windows XP Hidden Applications

Yes, "hidden" applications! try them out and see what you have missed from Windows XP.

For each of these programs, launch it by: "Start" >> "Run", then type the executable name then press Enter.

Program: Clipboard Viewer (Access contents of Windows Clipboard)
Executable: clipbrd

Program: Dr. Watson for Windows (Trouble Shooting tool)
Executable: drwtsn32

Program: DirectX diagnosis (Diagnose DirectX, video & sound components)
Executable: dxdiag

Program: Private character editor (Create your own characters)
Executable: eudcedit

Program: Mcft Synchronization Manager (Synchronize network files to for off-line work)
Executable: mobsync

Program: Windows Media Player 5.1 (the basic version of Media Player)
Executable: mplay32

Program: System Monitor (A very useful tool to monitor PC performance)
Executable: perfmon

Program: File signature verification (Verify signature on files)
Executable: sigverif

Program: Account Database Security Tool (Warning! this tool might encrypt all user accounts)
Executable: syskey

Program: Built-in Windows Chat (Windows for Workgroups Chat)
Executable: winchat

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