Wednesday, August 6, 2008


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Who has an Eee PC now can acquire the new Continental travel charger from Incipio Technologies, an adapter specially developed for the ASUS mini laptop with useful features such as AC adapter, car charger and airplane adapter for endless battery anytime, anywhere.
It comes with four interchargeable heads to allow Eee PC users work on the ultra light laptop anywhere they are and it is available at a price of $25.

Also, the Continental provides the Seven Piece Kit with AC adapters for the most popular destinations and it is available on Incipio’s website as well as at select retailers worldwide.

Among the product specifications we find also the Global Reach Warranty for worldwide covering, 110-240 volts for the power adapter, a slim design which won’t incommode the user, and the following supported locations: North America, South America, Europe, UK (3-pin), Japan, Hong Kong (3-pin), China, New Zealand, Australia, Caribbean, Middle East, and Africa (3-pin).

The company is delivering a range of products destined for mobile devices including notebooks, MP3 players, phones and digital cameras, to different locations worldwide including US, EU, Japan, Australia and Latin America.

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