Sunday, August 3, 2008


Toshiba launched the world’s first 1.8-inch 160GB hard disk drive for notebook computers. It is the thinnest S-ATA HDD with such a high capacity featuring 5400 rpm rotation speed.

In addition there is also the 80GB single-platter model named MK8017GSG, which together with the 160GB MK1617GSG delivers 40% less footprint compared with the 2.5-inch HDDs existent on the market, and both are a great solution designed for sub-notebooks.

Toshiba used the extensible platform approach with shared architecture base of the 2.5-inch models.

"Toshiba's eight years in perfecting 1.8-inch HDD technology puts us in a unique position to address explosive growth in the mobility segment with proven products that deliver the performance and capacity that system manufacturers need," declares Maciek Brzeski, vice president of marketing at Toshiba Storage Device Division. "At these capacities, our 1.8-inch HDDs are enabling the miniaturization of mobile PCs by providing better power consumption efficiency and improved ruggedness over larger form factors. We continue to see healthy opportunity for 1.8-inch HDD growth and adoption in the mobile PC arena, particularly in thin-and-light, sub-notebook, tablet PC and extreme mobility devices."

MK8017GSG and MK1617GSG Toshiba notebook parts have 512 B/sector logical size, 8MB buffer size, 15ms seek time, 1.5Bb/s S-ATA interface,0.0028 W/GB and 0.0056 W/GB energy consumption, 500G shock resistance, and 2.2-2.3 Bels acoustics.

Toshiba will soon release around 25 models of 1.8-inch hard disk drives while the 2 components described will be available in August.

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