Friday, August 8, 2008



According to Chinese newspaper talks, ASUS will be releasing two of its laptops right in to the market totally sheathed in an innovative and yet more outcast means, Yes the notebooks will be sheathed in bamboo coverings and released as early as June this year. The bamboo enclosed units are whispered to promote the use of environmentally welcoming materials, in my opinion, we just imagine they look nothing less than drop-dead stunning.

Though we could be witnessing ASUS bamboo laptops as early as June, there is not even a whisker of an indication of ASUS' bamboo personal units or bamboo LCD screens making it to the retail sector. Providentially for al the bamboo-loving community of users, we might not have to hang around for ASUS bamboo Personal units as Dell has proud one of its very own.

As revealed to the reporters, Michael Dell launched the bamboo laded unit and asserted it to be Dell's least sized computer. The machine is roughly 81 per cent smaller than a customary desktop and utilizes 70 per cent fewer power. Contracted, that could indicate it has zilch but sulk cones inside, but, it sure stares pretty. Dell conditions that its eco friendly PC should shore the retail market later this year and be supposed to cost somewhere by the ranks of $500 and $700.

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