Monday, August 4, 2008


Today almost everyone uses a laptop - from a film star to a chef, a business professional to a musician. It is customized to suit your needs and offer you the best value for your money. The question is what is it that you bought your laptop for? Are you a busy traveler? Or is your laptop for entertainment purposes? Could it be that the laptop is your style statement? Tired of the jargons and websites pushing for all possible accessories for your laptop?

Following are some laptop accessories trimmed to meet your requirement and help you choose the correct one.

Are you a business professional?

Do you travel often and carry your laptop wherever you go? Your needs are different from that of a student. The most useful laptop accessories for you are:
1. Back-up Options: Keep your back up in a portable hard drive, CDs or even in flash drives. You don’t want your valuable presentation getting lost!
2. Power Adapter: If you travel across continents, you must carry a power adapter.
3. Surge Protector and UPS: Beat the weather and voltage fluctuations of the place you are in by keeping a surge protector and a UPS device handy.
4. Connectivity: When you travel regularly you should power your laptop with wireless connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, broadband modem, etc.
5. Presentation Kit: Accessorise your laptop with a portable projection screen weighing less than 5lbs. and remote control projection device like pointers.

Are you a musician?

Are you a DJ or a musician? Do you need to record your beats often or mix music? Following accessories may serve your purpose:
1. An external hard drive with minimum 7200rpm to play audio tracks at high frequency.
2. External USB ports to assist lots of plug-ins.
3. Software like Edit Pro or Audacity to edit your recorded music.
4. Laptop Stand with accessories tray for your CDs and players. It gives you the height advantage to connect your keyboard and record your music easily.
5. Finally a USB mixer and an external dynamic microphone.

Are you a serious gamer?

To satisfy the gamer in you the must-have accessories for your laptop are:
1. External keyboard and mouse since it is not ergonomically correct to use in-built laptop keyboard for long periods.
2. A good set of speakers to enhance the gaming experience.
3. USB dual shock Joypad and Joystick.

Are you into multimedia development?

Are you a graphic designer or a multimedia developer? Are you into character animation? Then you must have a pensketch and graphic drawing tablet for all your sketches. Using a mouse to sketch for longer periods is not good for your hand and posture.

Do you want pure entertainment?

For an entertainment buff, the best laptop accessories are:
1. A good pair of speakers.
2. A TV-tuner so that you do not miss out on any entertainment.
3. S-Video Cables.

Is your laptop your style statement?

Based on your style statement you can dock your laptop in a lovely pink bag, accessorise it with cool studs or choose from a range of stunning laptop covers.

In conclusion, whatever your need be, do remember to choose the processor, RAM, Hard Disc and audio-visual cards accordingly.

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