Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Intel Atom

Intel plans to launch its first dual core version of the Atom processor in Q3 2008, Fudzilla reports.

“We scored some more details and many of them were quite easy to guess. The new dual core Atom will end up branded as the Atom 330 and just as the single core Atom 230, the dual core CPU will end up at 1.6GHZ,” the report says.

The dual core Atom has 1MB of cache, twice as much as the single core Atom 230, while the front side bus stays at 533MHz. The maximal power consumption of the new chip is 8 watts.

Intel’s Atom CPU, company’s “smallest chip”, is designed for use in Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) and Ultra-Moble PCs. It is a part of Centrino Atom platform, codenamed “Menlow”.

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