Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Imagine holding a 500,000GB of capacity holder of an mp3/video player unit. With this newest kid of a technology just spiking out to life, that just may topic of reality. As unfeasible as it sounds currently, but the scientists at the University of Glasgow have generated a concept of new definition using the all practiced nanotechnology breakthrough that can enhance the storage capability of a player by not jus by 3 X or even not just by 50 X but to whooping 150,000 X. Hypothetically, 500,000GB could be compressed onto a 1" square chip.

“What we have captured at present is find a way to amicably spike up the data storage possibilities in a radical and a classical way. We have been able to put together a functional unit that’s with nano-cluster components that incorporates 2 electron donating groups, and locate them elegantly 0.32 nm spaced out so that they can form a all together new type of molecular switching device. The key improvement of the iota sized switch is information or transistor concentration in conventional semi-conductors. Fragment sized switches would escort to escalating data storage to say to high levels as high as 4 Peta-bits per square inch. This burst through shows abstractly that this is surely possible (showing the bulk effect) but we are nevertheless to get to the bottom of the cock-and-bull story and addressing to the issues that develop. The fact is that these switches labor on carbon means that they could be easily embedded in plastic chips so silicon is not required and the system turns out to be much more flexible both in the flesh and technologically.”

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