Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Anyone who has ever wanted to write down notes and then transfer them into an electronic document or email and has dreamed for an easy way to make your pen and paper into "digital ink." Adesso comes to the rescue of many with their new CyberPad digital notepad and graphics sync tablet. Now with this you can create a digital documentation of your paper notes for easy transmit to electronic format. Better still, you can hook up your digital notepad to your system and use it as a typical graphics determined tablet.

Why use a CyberPad over a Tablet PC, which lets you write straightaway on the screen? For beginners, the CyberPad allows you to leave your massive notebook or tablet at home. It performs as a mobile digital notepad without the complications of connecting to a PC. The CyberPad also lets you to instantly turn pen and paper notes into digital format files.
Of course, there's this cost benefit too, with the CyberPad costing 10 percent of the price of a budget Tablet PC.

Adesso claims the CyberPad was designed to meet the needs of a variety of consumers. Education users (teachers and students), healthcare professionals, insurance field reps, lawyers, government workers, business professionals, journalists, architects, receptionists, graphic artists and photographers all have something to gain from this device. At least that's what Adesso wants you to believe.

Package substances:

• A Write Pad
• Digital-Pen with tablet nib and 2 ink pen nibs
• Format Application and Driver installation CDs (4)
• assortment case
• 8.5" X 11" Paper Notepad
• Five AAA Batteries
• USB connecting Cable
• Battery charger for rechargeable batteries.

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