Monday, August 4, 2008



Safely using a laptop not only ensures personal safety but it also helps in extending the life of your notebook.

Shutting Down After Use

Unlike the desktops shutting down the laptop after use is necessary. It not only ensures good battery life but also avoids over heating of the same by continuous running.

Power optimization

Adjusting your power options will prevent your laptop from heating up when not in use even if it is for a short period of time. You can set your display to turn off after a desires/set time period. Another option is to set the laptop to go into hibernate mode.

Packing precautions

Before you put your laptop into its carrying bag make sure that it is shut down. A notebook that has been left ON continuously can melt. When packed inside a laptop bag there is no air circulation and the outcome can be worse than melting.

Cooling System Inspection

Part of your weekly check ups should be to inspect and clean the air ventilates in your notebooks. Forced air dusters can be utilized to keep the air vents clean and free from dusts. Remember not to push anything into the air vents.

Inspecting the fan

Overheating problems can be caused by a faulty laptop fan. Always go through the laptop manufacturer's online support and your warranty details. It may be possible to download software to inspect your laptop fan.

Updates for BIOS

Some notebooks control the fans through the BIOS. Check for online updates for BIOS with the laptop manufacturer.

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