Monday, August 4, 2008


This weekly notebook protection tips will help you keep your data guarded and safe while on the road. Companies with mobile experts should consider making these tips part of their mobile work policies and check periodically that their mobile professionals are completing these safeguarding tasks. Let us view the 3 most important steps in notebook maintenance.

1. Updates for Anti-Virus

Checking for virus’ on your notebook is probably the most significant weekly maintenance task you should do. Even if you overlook or don’t have time to do the rest – keep your anti-virus software up to date. Whether you are using a free or paid anti-virus plan, you have to keep that program up to date in order for it to be efficient.

2. Updates for Firewall Software:

Just as you keep your anti-virus software up to date, you have got to also keep your firewall program up to date. Moved out are the days when dial-up access users were safe from infringements. Remember with your notebook that you are not only protecting individual data but business information as well. Mobile experts may face more opportunities for unauthorized access just by virtue of the nature of their work; make definite you don’t become an easy target.

3. Data Back-Up & Email:

Backing-up your information and email on a weekly basis will help you guarantee another layer of security. There is abundance of peripheral storage solutions which you can use to keep your data safe. If you lose your notebook or suffer a hard drive collapse, knowing that you have a back-up made will make your working life much easier. Save yourself the annoyance by doing a weekly back-up.

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